Healthy Water

Can Change The World.

Water is a Global challenge. In fulfilling its Mission, SanEcoTec is uniquely positioned to bring relief to water issues around the world.

SanEcoTec brings innovation and expertise together with a common vision of adopting sustainable water treatment practices. SanEcoTec works with North American customers and partners, and exports Canadian application know-how to create social dividends for other countries while continuing to re-invest financial gain in Canada.

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AVIVETM Water Treatment

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SPITM Technology

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Trace Element

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ATP Test Kits, Systems, Reagents

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What We Do

SanEcoTec is a values-based organization. The Company is comprised of people who live the Mission of the Company and believe in it intensely. The Company is poised for exponential growth. SanEcoTec solutions and know-how are unique to the global market, and are proving to be important, effective and sustainable – every day, more and more. Business is growing quickly. The Company is looking for quality people…People Like Us. If you have an interest in doing something important with your career, drop us a line. We answer every inquiry. We’ve got lots for you to do. We can make it worth your while in terms of career development, contribution to the global and local communities, enjoying the company of good people and for you financially as well. Write to and one of us on the Leadership Team will get back to you right away. Thanks a lot.

Sincerely, Jim Shubat, Chief Technology Officer